As a business owner, it is tough to keep your eye on each and every department to ensure that every department of business is functioning at full efficiency.But by choosing our remote DBA expert service, you can vouch on the fact that your database is in safe hands. Our proactive approach to database monitoring identify potential database issues and fix them in advance before they can turn into interruptible database service and challenge the organizations brand. Cost associated with any database management firm is huge but at Lehrity we aim to provide cost effective and budget friendly solutions to our customers keeping in mind our customer’s business needs.

Our Remote DBA team are best experts and have deep understanding of database management and have delivered complex database management systems, because of which we excel in providing remote DBA service across all the major platforms such Microsoft SQL Server, MYSQL, Oracle and DB2.Our dedicated team provide 24 hours a day,seven days a week expert service with immediate response in case of database outage.

Our focus on providing quality service has helped us expand our customer network all across the globe.

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